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Simon O'Brien
Simon O'Brien

Fifteen years ago I left the cosy confines of employment with one of the worlds wealthiest mining companies. Operating multi million dollar trucks and equipment had lost its gloss for me and i was restless!

At the time I was reading a lot, (particularly Robert Kiyosaki) and decided to make my own way and get ahead, I had to break the confines of employment and “charter my own ship,”.

I chose the coffee industry in which to enter the business arena. Initially Marnie (my wife) was the passionate one about good coffee while I was just desperate to quit my job.

Fast forward now to 2019, after many years of costly trial and error experience building business including our own national coffee chain. I can safely say the step into coffee has certainly changed my life for the best.

Today, my purpose is helping others find the freedom and fulfilment I truly enjoy through being my own boss.


P +61 458 202 649

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Strategic Planning Lesson 1 - Master Business Plan
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